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100 Grade 1 Learners Visit and Learn

We were privileged to have 100 Grade 1 Learners from Howick Prep School visit us over four days at the end of May.

The Grade 1s got to see lots of exciting things and learnt about basic health care for Pets! They learnt about keeping pets teeth clean; learnt about ticks & fleas; saw an X-ray & learnt about bones; held a bag of dog’s blood and even got to listen to Benjis heart with a Stethoscope!

At the end of the visit the kids receive a goodie bag filled of exciting things for them and their pets! Thank you to Royal Canin, Hill’s and Elanco for donating such awesome goodies for the Grade 1s & their pets!

Thank you for coming to visit us Grade 1s, we hope you learnt a lot and enjoyed your visit!



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