Top 10 Spring Tips

With long days and warm weather just around the corner, now’s the time to fill your calendar with fun, pet-related activities. Here, our top tips to enjoy your spring to the fullest while keeping your pet safe.

Top 10 Spring Tips:
  1. Invest in Bug Protection

Though you may have taken the winter off from flea and tick prevention (not recommended), it’s time to start up again before spending extended periods of time in the outdoors. Visit us for advice on our wide variety of tick and flea products for cats and dogs


  1. Deworm your pet

External parasites aren’t your pets’ only worry, make sure to treat your pet with a dewormer at least every 3 months to protect them against internal parasites like worms! It’s a great time to deworm your entire family too so as to protect everyone!


  1. Make Sure Vaccines are Up-to-Date

Another one to brush up on any time of year, staying on top of your pet’s vaccinations is especially important during springtime. Dogs are spending more time with other pets and are likely to come across some new puppy, or other wild animals. Keeping their rabies, parvo and distemper vaccinations up to date will help protect your pup from potentially deadly diseases. This is especially important if you own a small puppy under 1 year!

  1. Groom those winter coats

On a lovely warm spring day make sure to give your pet a well-deserved spring fresh bath and grooming session to try remove that winter coat and loose hairs. Please use pet specific brushes and shampoos only, so as not to harm your pet’s glossy coat and sensitive skin.


  1. Update your pets Leash & Harness

Before starting out on those lovely spring walks, make sure your pets harness and leash are up to scratch. Check for any tears, fraying or mould- all which could lead to a dangerous situation if the leash breaks on an outing with your pet. We have some great specials on leashes and harnesses for your pet this September.

  1. Find a New walking spot

Free afternoons or weekends in the spring are meant for exploring. Make a point to divert from your usual route and find a new spot full of sticks, trees and grass to explore. Try out a new game or spend some time snoozing in the shade. Why not try the Umngeni River Conservancy Walk near Moonwalk Road?


  1. Sunset Walks

As the sun begins setting later in the day, take a few extra minutes to stop and admire the sunset on your evening walk. Bring the whole family along or enjoy the quiet with your furriest family member.


  1. Do Some Spring Cleaning

While you clean out the closets and change your sheets, take a few minutes to focus on your pet’s area. Clean out and scrub the cat litter box, Kennels and food dishes for a fresh, spring start. Give your pet’s bed a good wash and see what kind of surprises — from a single sock to a half-eaten belt — they’ve been keeping from you all winter long.


  1. Break in a New Toy

A new toy is a great spoil for your pet, it creates mental stimulation and enjoyment for your pet, leaving everyone happy and exhausted by the end of the day!


  1. Enjoy an outing together

Take your pup along for a day date and take a seat outside to enjoy the scene. Your dog will be thrilled to keep you company as you eat and won’t need anything more than a fresh bowl of water, and maybe a treat every now and again J

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